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Option to select any manager when making a request

I often enter requests on behalf of various groups. Sometimes these groups have multiple managers. For example, I have a Youth Football organization with various coaches booking; football, cheerleading, flag football. I have them under one organiz...
Guest 6 months ago in Groups 0

Ability to Hide Group Classifications to Users

Currently, users can see and select all classifications. It would be beneficial and less confusing for folks if we, as admin, could hide classifications. Hidden classifications would then only be seen by admin's and any group that might be assigne...
Adam Rosencrantz 8 months ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration

The ability to manually toggle insurance requirements on/off for specific Groups

Sometimes Groups don't need insurance to submit a request, but they're still in a Classification that requires them to have insurance on file. Currently the only way to allow individual Groups to submit without having insurance on file is for them...
Guest over 1 year ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration

Keep a history of all the notes sent to a Group via Manage Groups

No description provided
Nick Shaffer about 2 years ago in Groups 0 Future Consideration

New COI document upload notification

Currently we only receive notification when new additional files are uploaded to group profiles. We need to retain records of past COIs in order to protect against any claims submitted that predate the current COI policy period. Since the group ma...
Guest over 1 year ago in Groups 1 Under Consideration

Better User/Group Association Management

Currently, it's difficult to manage who is a part of what group. While we can see what groups a user is in, it would be great to take action from that same view. Whether it's adding a user to a group or removing them.
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 year ago in Groups 1 Under Consideration

Active Directory Sync

We have active directory setup but I was just informed that groups only sync once during import. This is not convenient at all and defeats the purpose of connecting and creating all of the filters. Folks constantly move around within the district ...
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 year ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration

open gym mofidied boys soccer

want to offer gym time to gr 6-8 boys soccer to continue to grow in the sport through 30 min practice and 45 min games
Guest 11 months ago in Groups 0

New groups can enter a short description of their organization (community, non-profit, adult community group, etc...) also a date for when a new group is entered

This would be helpful for admin. to confirm non-school related groups classification before approval. We have to contact or google organizations sometimes if we are not familiar with the name of the group to determine this info. A date attached to...
Guest about 2 years ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration

Allow submission of a non-U.S. address for new users setting up their Group Account.

I have a User who's company is located in the UK. They are unable to accurately submit the state and zip code of their address. The work-around was to place the correct address in the Group's Notes section.
Guest over 1 year ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration