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Allow users to edit their submitted requests

There should be an option to allow regular users to edit requests they have submitted without needing access to edit requests for a whole facility/location. If they need to change the date, adjust times, add additional dates, or make notes to a request the user who submitted the request should have edit rights to their own requests which could restart the approval process. This would make it easier for district admins so they wouldn't need to be contacted for every change.

  • Krystalyn Silva
  • Aug 26 2021
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  • Dawn Krueger commented
    26 Aug 08:45pm

    I like the idea about the user being able to EDIT the request and then whatever date/space they edited is automatically reset to the beginning of the approval path. However, please do not let the facility user "ADD DATES TO A REQUEST." The reason is you will have users that will simply add dates to the existing request forever in order to avoid paying the application fee (I have had groups do this).