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Create optional parameter to Allow users to choose the option of Setup/Breakdown or Event Start/End in public .ASPX calendar.

When using the public facing ical link (aspx) the event times show the Setup/Breakdown by default, but we would like it to show the actual Event Start/End times. If this was an option to choose which to show (Setup/Breakdown or Event Start/End) we could ensure the information on our district calendar has the proper information for the public who is attending the events.

This would be a fix for an issue we are having between the two types of iCal links: ASPX vs. ASHX.

ASPX - show the proper rooms for an event when the original request has multiple/different rooms on different dates (Request #4311 (Schedule Id #242)) but it shows the event setup time instead of the actual start time.
ASHX - Shows the actual start time (reason for the original help ticket) but it does not show the room properly for an event that was submitted with recurring events in different rooms - it shows all rooms associated with the request.

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  • Aug 16 2021
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