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Status Under Consideration
Categories Submitting Requests
Created by Maria Tivoli
Created on Jul 13, 2021

Requiring Electronic Signature to submit request

Currently you can require an e-signature when you upload a contract file. It would be great, if the e-signature was a feature you could switch on for the building a new pdf contract as well.

We currently have the build a contract and it is sent to groups upon approval. But it is confusing to them as there are blank signature lines if they need to again agree to terms they already agreed to when submitting the request. It is redundant for them to sign and agree again.

The build a new contract that is emailed to them upon approval should include their signature they submitted when entering the request. An e-signature should be given as approvers. So when the request is approved and the contract is emailed to them, then it is complete with signatures.

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