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ML Schedules Ideas
Categories Calendar
Created by Erika Nelson
Created on Jul 9, 2021

Date shown on calendar is actual start/end of event

When you hover over an event on the calendar page, it is misleading because it only shows the event with that start/end date of the actual date you are hovering on when in reality the event is more than just that day/date. Even though you may be looking at the event's occurrence on July 8th, if the event started on June 30th and ends on July 31st, it should show that as those are the true start/end dates. Especially for the calendar- that is where the info is kept centralized for quick access. Same thing for the actual event details page- show the true start/end for the event with all of its occurrences because that is the real information. General staff using ML as a source of info that don't really enter info. (just look things up) are unfamiliar with ML and don't understand enough about the way occurrences are entered to know to dig deeper to get the correct date info . (ML team see my schedule ID 529- image attached on 7/6. Event actually ran from 6/7-8/6)

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