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System emails to groups with open invoices.

If the system could automatically send open invoice reminders when they are week away from being due or constant emails when an invoice is past due, would be helpful. Right now it flags the group when they are making a request about the invoice past due. But we run into the issue, that groups are seasonal and are done with facility use so they are not making more requests. To remind them of upcoming or past invoices, we have to manually go to each invoice and hit email. We have blocked some groups making further requests, but they do not always remember the open/past due invoices. Manually resending invoices can be time consuming. At this point we are not open to full reservations with Covid, but this added feature would help when we reopen to full capacity of reservations and not be as time consuming.

  • Maria Tivoli-Attah
  • Jun 24 2021
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  • Peter Parker commented
    25 Jun 01:38pm

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