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Created by Erika Nelson
Created on Apr 28, 2021

VOTE YES! When booking an event, your search for a space includes keys words on the Space's setup page

It would be FANTASTIC if the descriptions and key info. listed in the notes field (or another dedicated field) within the setup page for a Space is able to be searched when booking an event. Example: Elgin HS Classroom 131 is titled as this space to be consistent with all the classrooms in our District. But the space is actually a Green room for filming. In the notes it lists: this is our green room used for filming.

When someone goes to find the green room at Elgin HS, they can't remember the Room number so they would type in Green room for the search when booking their event and the space would be located!

Or if the notes field cannot be used, add another field titled "searchable Space descriptions" or something similar.

We are getting requests to rename rooms by their use which does not correctly identify them to the general public. This solution would meet both needs!

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