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If an event is declined during the approval process, those who approved the event should be notified

We recently had an internal event pushed through from the top level of the administration. As a result, the chain of approvers within building where the event was being held began to plan the event as soon as they approved it at the space level. Between the space approver and building approver level, the event needed to be declined to cancel it (long story). We learned that when this happens (an event is declined), there is NO NOTIFICATION to the approvers who have already approved the event. The space approver continued to work, wasting time, setting up the space for the event because they knew that the building approver would also approve it. It would have been helpful if everyone who had approved the event to that point of decline received an email notification alerting that the event was no longer taking place due to it being declined. Sure, the user requesting the event is notified, but that doesn't help everyone else involved in the process! Thank you!

  • Erika Nelson
  • Mar 19 2021
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