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Organized reports - separate the date and time into separate fields

With the date and time in the same field it will never sort correctly. If sorted by date first, then the sites are out of order. If sorted by site first, then the dates are out of order. Either way, I have to sort in sections on the excel sheet. It’s a lot of clicking. This is how badly we need a report that is organized and easy to read by others. See attached sample of what we need (all I had to do on this report was clean up the page breaks, add page numbers and a title at the top of the first page.)

NOTE: This is not an issue when pulling a report for ONE site. I need a single report with all 28 sites on it.

Also, please make sure 24 hour time is converted to 12 hour time. Thanks!

  • Dawn Krueger
  • Feb 22 2021
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