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On more occasions than I can count, users have needed or would have liked to edit their requests without having to cancel the whole thing and start over again from scratch. This edit does not always mean a date change, sometimes they need to add tables or chairs or forgot to put in a note. These are all things that they end up calling me to add for them when they certainly can add or edit their own request themselves.

I would like to suggest an update to the program that will allow users to edit their own requests up until the date that the request drops a work order. This will give our users the freedom to make their own edits. Thank you!

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  • Jun 2 2020
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  • Admin
    Sal Topino commented
    26 Aug 08:35pm

    This feature already exists, if you go to settings->setup items->manage classifications and select the edit icon next to the classification there is a days notice to edit request setting. You can put a number of days required in order for a user to edit their own request. If they edit their own request, it will automatically restart the approval process

  • Krystalyn Silva commented
    26 Aug 02:50pm

    If the request requires approval and the end user had made a change it could restart the approval process, this could eliminate any issues with the approvers or district admins not being aware of the changes.

  • Karen Ambrose commented
    4 Jun, 2020 12:36pm

    My only concern would be that we would not know when the requestor has edited the request. I would add that the approvers need to know about the edit / should be notified as it could affect the approval, set-up, etc.