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Add the Days of the Week, example Monday, Tuesday into all Reports.

Adding the Day of the week into all reports make sure all individuals are on the same page.  Our security guards and custodians don't always have a calendar on hand.  

  • Patricia Manning
  • Jan 8 2020
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  • Patricia Manning commented
    12 Mar 01:26pm

    Good Morning:

    Days of the week are not appearing in the reports when printed. We are
    trying to pull a report in case we close for the Superintendent of Schools
    and it still is not printing the days of the week. I can see them on the
    screen but when it prints it only lists the date.

    This is on all reports and calendar view reports.


    On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 9:15 AM MasterLibrary (Thomas Rauscher) <> wrote:


  • Patricia Manning commented
    5 Mar 02:58pm

    Thank you. I can see the days of the week on the screen but it didn't
    print when I sent it to print. I pulled the detail report.

    On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 9:15 AM MasterLibrary (Thomas Rauscher) <> wrote:


  • Admin
    Aaron Barley commented
    7 Feb 03:11pm

    Thanks for the idea! We will be implementing this soon and will keep you updated once it has been released.

  • Patricia Manning commented
    10 Jan 10:05pm

    This is awesome. Thank you!

    Have a great weekend.

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