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Set an institutional limit on personnel fields or equipment fields

We have run into some unfortunate issues where multiple spaces get booked (with appropriate numbers of people for each space) but have too many total people on campus. Our building can only accommodate 1300 people (or so) comfortably and we have a finite number of parking spaces. Is there a way we can limit the number of people on campus at a given time?
Also, we only have a limited number of tables/ chairs... Is there a way we can set how many tables and chairs we own and have the system notify us when a request exceeds the number of tables that we own? For example event A in the auditorium asks for 15 tables and the event in the gym asks for 30, but we only own 40 tables... it seems reasonable to approve the event for 30 tables because we own 40, but in reality, we will be 5 short when both events happen simultaneously. 
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  • Dec 3 2019
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