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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 14, 2019

Simplify the request entry process to one consistent method to accommodate any type of entry instead of using four different methods, which would save time for everyone.

Is it possible to narrow the “make request” screen to one option that will accommodate recurring event with multiple spaces or one single date, single space request?  People don't always know the best way to go and the way it displays in the calendar is dictated by the way it was entered.  I still have numerous listings for one event because that is the way it was entered.  It could be simplified if there was only one way to make a request.  (It took me over one hour to change the date of one event because of the number of entries that required changing.) . It would also make it easier for the requestors as they would have the same entry screen each time they make a request for space.  They have complained that it's different every time and they have to thoroughly read each question whereas, if it were a consistent entry screen, it would become familiar and they could move through it more easily and quickly.  It would be a great time saver for everyone.

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