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Created on Oct 31, 2019

Select All Option in Multiple Spaces on One Date

We have buildings that like to book all their spaces for an event.  A select all option after clicking view would be a time saver instead of clicking all the space boxes.

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  • Jeffery Herbel
    Aug 24, 2021

    We just rolled out the system and this has become the biggest reqest that I have received from our sites. You have the All Sites option when assigning rights, this is basicly the same thing just for the Spaces.

  • Gayle Hannold
    Jul 8, 2020

    Could a select all or whole building option be added in spaces? We post all-school announcements such as No Classes, special schedule day, or Closed on our calendar as an overview. Sometimes we have special events for the whole day, for everyone as wel,l that uses the whole building.

  • Guest
    Jul 7, 2020

    I would like to have the option of selecting the entire site also, instead of having to select each individually.

  • Guest
    Nov 4, 2019

    That's true, but I still feel it would be helpful. Sometimes it isn't the
    whole building but a lot of spaces. For example, our high schools have 8
    pool lanes plus other areas to book during a swim meet.

    *Lisa Zielaskowski*, *Facility Usage Secretary*
    Huron Valley Recreation and Community Education
    2360 S. Milford Rd, Highland MI 48357
    P: <2486768393>248-676-8450
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  • Aaron Barley
    Nov 1, 2019

    Hi Lisa,

    I would recommend that you enter a blocked date for that building instead. This would allow you to block out the entire building easily. You can enter blocked dates by selecting Admin > Manage Blocked Dates.