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Created on Aug 2, 2022

Request Multiple Sites Under Same Reservation

I thought that the software already had the ability to do this, but found out this morning that it does not.

There are some cases where people will need to request spaces across multiple sites all for the same reservation, and it would be VERY helpful if you could do that under the same reservation rather than having to request the sites individually. Even if you added this where only certain user levels could do this, that would be very helpful.

We just had a district-wide training where the same thing was going on at 9 different schools at the same time. Under the current system, this would have to be 9 separate reservations. This is extremely inefficient.

I have an event that will be taking place at 12 different schools (3 each day) for 5 weeks, and now I am going to have to put that in as 12 separate reservations instead of just 4. I'm having to triple the amount of work that I do because of a feature that I thought the software already had.

    Aug 2, 2022

    Thank you for the idea suggestion. This is an existing general setting under classifications. Our support team will reach out to you to provide more information.

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