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Status Under Consideration
Categories Managing Requests
Created by Dawn Krueger
Created on Jul 18, 2022

"External Notes" need to be editable - just like the "Event Notes"

We need to be able to edit saved external notes on requests because it would reduce confusion as the request goes through the approval process. For example, there is a note on each date of a request that says, “ON HOLD.” It’s so confusing now – wow! The request has been approved but on the “Upcoming Events” email, it has ON HOLD in all caps and that email does not show the status of the requests, so it looks like each date is still on hold. This is very confusing for all; it would be great to simply delete that note as easily as it was put there.

It would make sense to click the edit button and the previous/current notes would populate the field in order to edit. This should be exactly like when we go to edit the event notes... the info is always there to update. : ) Thank you!

    Aug 4, 2022

    Thank you for this idea. We are reviewing for future consideration.

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