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Created by Erika Nelson
Created on Jun 23, 2022

The email log on the Group Account should include ALL EMAILS that are sent concerning the Group.

I sent an email to a Group manager using the Group account's NOTE field (hitting save will send this note to the manager). I then checked the email log to see the note. It was not there. After trying several things with no luck to locate it, I submitted a ticket. I had an email conversation with Chris Gentile, he said to submit an idea.

Basically, ALL communications concerning a group should be on the Group's Email Log tab. Even emails specific to a User. My staff are not going to know/think to look at an Individual User account for an email that was sent from the Group page to the Group account manager concerning the Group's submitted COI. And that Email Log on the Group account does not list/specify that only some emails are logged there, THAT is misleading. I want a log that tracks ALL communication concerning that Group- both User specific and Group specific, in one location (the Group log).

Chris- please share the email thread! Thanks.

    Aug 8, 2022

    Hi Erika, thank you for this idea. We are reviewing for future consideration.

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