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ML Schedules Ideas
Status Under Consideration
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Created by Josh P.
Created on May 13, 2022

Door field with times

Make it so that you can have a field requesting start & end times for doors or other fields like equipment, not just a "notes" area to fill in.

Specifically we have doors that unlock for events.
We want people to put what times they want the doors to unlock & lock. (For security most events the doors are not open the entire time. They open at the start for people to arrive and possibly the end for parents to pick up kids.)

While the "Y/N with Notes" works, unfortunately no amount of instructions can make people follow them other than forcing the correct type of input. We have people fill in all sorts of extra information in the field beyond simply times, which makes the reports a bit of a pain to read through.

    Aug 8, 2022

    Thank you for this idea. We will review for future consideration.

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