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ML Schedules Ideas
Status Future Consideration
Categories Managing Requests
Created by Erika Nelson
Created on Apr 7, 2022

Space details available on the Event Request screen

A staff member called me after experiencing frustration booking an event at one of the high schools and needing many rooms at the same time but with specific space needs. They thought it would be nice if you could see the space details when you are making a reservation (on the same screen). Maybe when you hover over the space in the list it could have a little pop up tooltip that shows the occupancy, any added notes we have in ML (i.e. Choir room or this space has a TV monitor, etc.).
I can see the value of this. For those who only use ML to request a space for their events, they want to get into ML, make the request and go back to their day. Having that info on the request screen would help them. I do get lots of calls about details of spaces. District Admin. use all of the buildings as needed for meetings and events. If a school is having work done over a break, they have to move all of their athletics and activities to another site. A site that they are not familiar with.

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