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Status Planned
Categories Blocked Dates
Created by Maria Tivoli-Attah
Created on Mar 9, 2022

Notification of Blocked Dates Added

We use block dates when we have school/building events when we want to make sure other groups cannot reserve space. However, if we have a PTO event that requires set up/equipment, our additionally notified users (custodial staff) do not receive notice of the event added as a block date. It would be helpful to have additionally notified users, to receive a notification email when a block date is added.

Currently, if we need to block something out for an event and need to request set up needs, then we have to add a request to be approved so additionally notified users are aware and add a block date to keep others from adding requests.

    Aug 8, 2022

    Thank you for this idea. We will review for future consideration.

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  • Adam Rosencrantz
    Sep 15, 2022

    We actually use blocked dates for our capital projects team to block spaces that are being renovated or having something done to them rendering them not usable. It would be great if, when setting a blocked date, that there was a check box to notify any associated users withe a one-time email.