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Created by Erika Nelson
Created on Dec 15, 2021

Change the setup for notifying User Groups that their Cert. of Insurance is set to expire

Currently the system only notifies groups with events in ML which makes no sense.

My email with Nicole @ ML:

Just because the User Group doesn't have an event currently in ML, doesn't mean something isn't coming up in their plans. Having a current COI is NOT going to be on any of these external groups' minds when they plan an event as it is probably not even the same person planning the event that manages the insurance for the group. Parent Groups (PTOs) being a perfect example. I have over 40 of them in my District, one per school. So they are going to enter an event one day and be denied because of an expired COI (we have the Insurance Block on all Classifications that are not Staff- Class 1)? Then they will have to scramble to get a current COI from the insurance company and send it to me in time to enter the event, have it go through the approval process, then we may have to scramble to get Custodial coverage, schedule lighting, snow plowing, etc. because they were not notified in advance of the expiring COI.

Why wouldn't the system be set to generate the email 30 days prior to or the month before that COI expiration date field in ML on the User Group's account regardless of activity? If a User Group's account is no longer being used by their choice, the COI reminder email could have a button that they click to send a reply back to us that the User Group wishes to deactivate their account (like an Unsubscribe email button).

It is not clear to account managers like myself that the reminder for Expiring COIs is a conditional item based on User's event activity. That's a problem.

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