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Add filters to payment dashboard

I need to be able to access more information for reporting. The payment dashboard is limited to what it gives. The Summary Dashboard has the filters I need. Is there a way to add those filters to Payment dashboard?
Guest 5 months ago in Reports 0

Ability to create dynamic fields on the request form

For example, if the requestor select Yes for a certain question, additional questions would then appear on the request form for them to fill out.
Guest over 2 years ago in Submitting Requests 0

Texting Option

Hello, I would like to suggest a "texting" option to be used to send out to groups especially for cancellations. We are having a problem lately with some of our groups not noticing cancellation emails. I feel that everyone gets so many emails thes...
Guest 5 months ago in Settings 3

Keep a history of all the notes sent to a Group via Manage Groups

No description provided
Nick Shaffer 11 months ago in Groups 0

Space details available on the Event Request screen

A staff member called me after experiencing frustration booking an event at one of the high schools and needing many rooms at the same time but with specific space needs. They thought it would be nice if you could see the space details when you ar...
Erika Nelson 3 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Make the left Nav menu require a click to open.

Multiple times a day, I am taken to an incorrect page because I move my cursor too far (Millimeters) to the left and the menu opens. by the time I have click on the text box I wanted on the already displayed form, the menu has slid open and I go w...
Guest 6 months ago in UI/UX 0

Schedule ID / Request ID

Can we please remove Request ID number and keep just one number for an entire event schedule? Groups are saying that it is just too much information for one event. All that is needed is 1 number for the entire request. Customers state it is too ov...
Guest 12 months ago in Managing Requests 1 Planned


The facility user would benefit greatly because then they could see what app fee invoice goes with what event or request. It would save me time because I have to look at the history of when each request was approved in order to to try to match it ...
Dawn Krueger 3 months ago in  0

Set an institutional limit on personnel fields or equipment fields

We have run into some unfortunate issues where multiple spaces get booked (with appropriate numbers of people for each space) but have too many total people on campus. Our building can only accommodate 1300 people (or so) comfortably and we have a...
Guest over 2 years ago in Submitting Requests 0

Custodial and Facility Fees on Approval Emails

We need to have the charges and fees detailed on request approved emails. The main reason is that our Plant Managers and Head Custodians are not seeing any information on custodial hours assigned to events. We have to call each other all the time ...
Dawn Krueger 3 months ago in  0