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PINNED Select All Option in Multiple Spaces on One Date
We have buildings that like to book all their spaces for an event. A select all option after clicking view would be a time saver instead of clicking all the space boxes.
PINNED Create "Schedule View" Dropdown option on Request Pages
Large districts get a ton of events coming in and creating a "Schedule View" will make our request pages not so overwhelming. Instead of showing a row for each individual date/space they simply show one row for the entire schedule.

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BLOCKED TIMES: Ability to set time parameters for a specific site or space for requesting events (based upon a building opening, etc.)

This would benefit everyone! If a building doesn't open to staff until 7am, you cannot have a meeting start at 7am. Blocking the time on the calendar adds one more listing/event to a calendar that is already overwhelmed with events. It would be ea...
Erika Nelson almost 2 years ago in Blocked Dates 0 Under Consideration

Need Print Button on Payments Received

I love the received payments button to do multiple payments from one group on one screen However, I still need to print them to send payment sheet to accounting. Right now I have to go back to each individual invoice to print the invoice. Being ab...
Guest 9 months ago in Payments 0

Navigation buttons at bottom of page also on calendar page

It would be great if we didn't have to scroll all the back to the top of the page to navigate to the next month or click on an action button. Would it be possible for the navigation buttons to be at the bottom of the page as well - when looking at...
Guest about 1 year ago in Calendar 1 Future Consideration

Add Blocked Dates & Calendar Information to the Reports

Currently, only events show up on the Reports. It would be helpful if Blocked Dates & Calendar Information were included on these Reports.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Reports 2 Under Consideration

Space report

It would be useful to have a way to print out all the spaces within a site per site. That way I can have all the site approvers fill out notes on the spaces so I can easily input the info into MLS or maybe find a way to send a space details form o...
Guest 10 months ago in Reports 0 Under Consideration

New Role/Permission- Edit My Requests

Currently, if users are given the "Edit Requests" permission, they are able to edit ALL requests within the system. If they do not have that permission, they are not able to edit any requests, even their own requests. It would be helpful if a new ...
Guest 5 months ago in User Permissions 0

reoccurring reminder for pending approvals (ex. every 7 days until approved, etc.)

No description provided
Guest 5 months ago in Settings 0

Create a footprints system in MasterLibrary Schedules to track changes

Since ML schedules application is such a large database, and changes are going to be made in the system, it would help to have a footprint system to show changes made and to know who to ask about a change. A "name/date/time stamp" that is attached...
Erika Nelson almost 2 years ago in  0 Under Consideration

Insurance Expiration Email Notification

We would like the ability to customize the Insurance Expiration Email Notification to be more in line with our procedures.
Guest 11 months ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

Ability to Apply a Refund to Another Invoice

We need to apply the refund/credit and have the amount, for example, $192.00, separated from the original invoice. Currently, it will sit at the bottom of the invoice list as ($192.00) with no way to apply it to another invoice.
Dawn Krueger 11 months ago in Invoicing 0