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Highlight changes made to an event when it is edited (email)

When you edit an event and the user group and additionally notified users get an email, there is no clear indication of exactly what change occurred. It would be nice to have the information highlighted so you can tell if it was the date, time, ad...
Sandra Payne 4 months ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

Add Note to Voided Invoice

When I void an invoice, I really should be putting in a note that describes why I am voiding it. That way there is an audit trail.
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 month ago in Invoicing 1

Bulk Invoice Creation

When I select events to create a draft invoice, it would be super helpful if, after creating the draft it opened. I am creating these and adding information and charges to them, but it takes me to the draft list and now I have to find it.
Adam Rosencrantz 3 months ago in Invoicing 2 Under Consideration

Administrator Booking on Behalf - Override Group Issues

As an administrator, if I am booking on behalf of a group that would otherwise not be able to book i.e. insurance is expired, past due balance, etc. There should be a button that allows me to book for them anyway. Perahps, next to the continue but...
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 month ago in Managing Requests 0

Set thresholds to automatically block new facility requests once set number of events per location is reached

In ML Schedules, can we set up thresholds by location so that if a large event is approved to happen in a certain building or multiple events are already slated to take place that approaches a certain value (number of events or participants), it w...
Natasha Wheel 8 months ago in Blocked Dates 0 Under Consideration

24 Hour Limits By Site or Space

A district requested that some sites/spaces have the 24 hour limit applied while others requsting vehicles do not.
Guest about 1 month ago in Managing Requests 0

Notification of Blocked Dates Added

We use block dates when we have school/building events when we want to make sure other groups cannot reserve space. However, if we have a PTO event that requires set up/equipment, our additionally notified users (custodial staff) do not receive no...
Maria Tivoli-Attah 9 months ago in Blocked Dates 1 Planned

Navigation buttons at bottom of page also on calendar page

It would be great if we didn't have to scroll all the back to the top of the page to navigate to the next month or click on an action button. Would it be possible for the navigation buttons to be at the bottom of the page as well - when looking at...
Guest 5 months ago in Calendar 1 Future Consideration

required deposit automatically selected upon clicking pay invoice

when you have the 50% deposit set when users go to pay the invoice have the drop-down menu should have 50% deposit automatically selected
Jonathan Little 3 months ago in Invoicing 1 Under Consideration

open gym mofidied boys soccer

want to offer gym time to gr 6-8 boys soccer to continue to grow in the sport through 30 min practice and 45 min games
Guest about 2 months ago in Groups 0