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Anti-feature Request/Feedback

If I am approving requests that are part of a series, but I don't select all of the occurances or locations, the modal that pops up is dangerous and confusing. While I know this is funcitoining as intended, the fact that you have to select no to p...
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 month ago in Managing Requests 0

New Account Page Set up

It would be great, if as a District admin, we were able to customize and edit the the new account page. For instance, it currently sates the below for group information. GROUP INFORMATION. If you are an internal staff member who will be submitting...
Maria Tivoli-Attah 5 months ago in Groups 1 Planned

Custom Payment Amount

I need to be able to have our clients pay a custom amount as a deposit for some of our larger vnues. 50% isn't neccesary and is a large sum for the big venues, which is not required. I would like to see the ability for the client to select "Custom...
Adam Rosencrantz 3 months ago in Payments 2 Under Consideration

Add Note to Voided Invoice

When I void an invoice, I really should be putting in a note that describes why I am voiding it. That way there is an audit trail.
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 month ago in Invoicing 1

Red Conflict !

Please bring back the ! Conflict notice. The little black and white one is very hard to notice when approving requests.
Sandra Payne 4 months ago in Alerts 0 Under Consideration

Add a Credit to Invoices

No description provided
Adam Rosencrantz 2 months ago in Invoicing 0

Scheduling other Organizations

It would be nice if I (the Main Approver for our School District) would be able to scheduler an event for a user group and instead of my name and information showing on their event, that I would be able to choose their name and contact information...
Guest 7 months ago in Managing Requests 0 Under Consideration

View User Info for Submitted Blocked Dates

When blocked dates are submitted, there is not currently a way to see which user submitted the blocked dates. This would be useful if more information/clarification is needed on these submissions to know who you need to talk to.
Guest 2 months ago in Blocked Dates 0

Highlight changes made to an event when it is edited (email)

When you edit an event and the user group and additionally notified users get an email, there is no clear indication of exactly what change occurred. It would be nice to have the information highlighted so you can tell if it was the date, time, ad...
Sandra Payne 4 months ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

Ability to customize the Auto-messages sent out from ML

It would help to be able to add customized info to the email messages that are sent out from ML. Example- when staff receive an email that their event request has been received or approved in ML, I would like to add a note that all tech requests r...
Erika Nelson 8 months ago in Emails 0 Future Consideration