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Allow administrators to choose public or private when creating a space request on ML

We need more flexibility in allowing certain events to be private... especially during school hours.
Guest 7 months ago in Submitting Requests 0 Under Consideration

Ability to create custom messages for specific user groups/ classifications in ML Schedules

I would like to be able to create a custom message pop up for specific Classification groups in ML Schedules. For ex. I want to notify internal/staff only (Classification 1 only) when they are entering a request that they may be charged rental fee...
Erika Nelson 7 months ago in Submitting Requests 0 Under Consideration

When an Administrator is requesting a space which is blocked, there should be an override option instead of showing it as available.

This would be an added layer of security to avoid conflicts. Checking availability when you request a space with your date and time, bypasses the use of the calendar and will inaccurately inform a requestor that the space is available.
Guest 7 months ago in Blocked Dates 0 Under Consideration

Undo Cancel Button/Option

We have had users, as well as staff, cancel requests by mistake or cancel the wrong dates. It would be great if the district admin had the option of undo cancel. Adding a previous approved date requires restarting the approval and it emails each a...
Maria Tivoli-Attah about 1 year ago in Managing Requests 0 Planned

Add "Conflict Date" column to Future Conflicts page

This new column would show the date when the conflict occurred (the date the event that conflicts with it was entered). This column would be added to the Telerik grid.
Nick Shaffer over 1 year ago in Telerik 0 Future Consideration

Integration w/ PaySchools

Online payment program schools use for student lunchs, etc.
Nick Shaffer over 1 year ago in Payment Integrations 0 Planned

New groups can enter a short description of their organization (community, non-profit, adult community group, etc...) also a date for when a new group is entered

This would be helpful for admin. to confirm non-school related groups classification before approval. We have to contact or google organizations sometimes if we are not familiar with the name of the group to determine this info. A date attached to...
Guest over 1 year ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration

Space details available on the Event Request screen

A staff member called me after experiencing frustration booking an event at one of the high schools and needing many rooms at the same time but with specific space needs. They thought it would be nice if you could see the space details when you ar...
Erika Nelson 8 months ago in Managing Requests 0 Future Consideration

Ability to select "Internal User Only or External User Only" for Additional Fields on events

We have some equipment that is NOT allowed to be used by the community, only staff members (Ex. document camera/projector). We would like the ability to select internal only or external only as a feature for the Additional fields. It's possible th...
Erika Nelson over 1 year ago in Settings 0 Future Consideration


The facility user would benefit greatly because then they could see what app fee invoice goes with what event or request. It would save me time because I have to look at the history of when each request was approved in order to to try to match it ...
Dawn Krueger 8 months ago in Invoicing 1 Planned