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Add a Credit to Invoices

No description provided
Adam Rosencrantz 5 days ago in Invoicing 0

Calendar navigation

I frequently go back and forth between months and have to scroll back to the top of the page to go to the next month. I understand the navigation buttons (including what month you're on) at the bottom of the page has already been suggested. Also, ...
Guest 5 days ago in Calendar 0

Color coding events.

To be able to easily see events by group or space specifically at a glance. When everything is blue I can not easily see what spaces are occupied and by who at a specific time or day.
Guest 5 days ago in Calendar 0

View User Info for Submitted Blocked Dates

When blocked dates are submitted, there is not currently a way to see which user submitted the blocked dates. This would be useful if more information/clarification is needed on these submissions to know who you need to talk to.
Guest 6 days ago in Blocked Dates 0

Better User/Group Association Management

Currently, it's difficult to manage who is a part of what group. While we can see what groups a user is in, it would be great to take action from that same view. Whether it's adding a user to a group or removing them.
Adam Rosencrantz 12 days ago in Groups 1 Under Consideration

Remove "Log-in with Google" button

The Log-in with Google Button creates confusion and a negative experience for our users because all district staff have a google account by default, which the button takes them too. But, since we are using SSO rather than google, they don't have a...
Adam Rosencrantz 14 days ago in UI/UX 0 Under Consideration

Calendar filters

It would be helpful when selecting a filter on Calendar View for the filter to stay after a refresh instead of reverting back to the entire calendar. Most buidlings only want to see their building and not the entire district. It would be nice to h...
Guest 8 days ago in Calendar 1 Already Exists

Adding Users to Groups

The process to add a user to a group isn't as easy as I would think it could be. As an admin, if I am editing a group, I shoudl be able to add one or more people from either a list, or drop down, to a group. If they are already in the system, why ...
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 month ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration

Alphabetize filters

Hi, It would be very helpful when selecting detailed reports and creating saved filters that they were alplabetized.
Guest 28 days ago in Reports 1 Under Consideration

Bulk Invoice Creation

When I select events to create a draft invoice, it would be super helpful if, after creating the draft it opened. I am creating these and adding information and charges to them, but it takes me to the draft list and now I have to find it.
Adam Rosencrantz 11 days ago in Invoicing 1 Under Consideration