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Permanently delete events

I would like be able to permenantly delete events from ML Schedules.
Nathan Wright almost 2 years ago in Managing Requests 3 Shipped

Change the setup for notifying User Groups that their Cert. of Insurance is set to expire

Currently the system only notifies groups with events in ML which makes no sense. My email with Nicole @ ML: Just because the User Group doesn't have an event currently in ML, doesn't mean something isn't coming up in their plans. Having a current...
Erika Nelson 7 months ago in Managing Requests 0 Shipped

Create a page/tab on the User Group account that shows all communication sent through ML to the user group

ML automatically sends emails when COI are set to expire. You can also send emails through the system to notify the group of various things (invoices, notifications, etc). It would be nice to have a page showing the email communications sent out. ...
Erika Nelson 7 months ago in Groups 0 Shipped

Add the Days of the Week, example Monday, Tuesday into all Reports.

Adding the Day of the week into all reports make sure all individuals are on the same page. Our security guards and custodians don't always have a calendar on hand.
Patricia Manning over 2 years ago in Reports 4 Shipped

Please make the left side menu stop popping out. It is very distracting and sometimes it gets stuck and covers the page.

We know when to open thye icons on the left menu - when we need them open. It is distracting to have them open back and forth all the time.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Managing Requests 0 Shipped

Edit pending request

If the date needs to be changed while the request is in pending status, there is no way to change it without deleting the entire request and re-adding it. Being able to change the date instead is more efficient.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Managing Requests 2 Shipped

Have the ability to edit the information at the top of the Contact Administrator form

It would be nice to be able to request a contact phone/ext. from person submitting request and it would be nice to tell people requesting assistance to call the office for same day/immediate assistance as emails can get buried in an inbox if it's ...
Erika Nelson 7 months ago in Settings 0 Shipped

Disable required group for users

We use groups as departments and have users request on behalf of the department the event is for. However when users are added they are required to have a group associated to them which then creates too many groups to choose from. Ideally a new gr...
Krystalyn Silva 11 months ago in Groups 0 Shipped

ALERT: Give a message to the User when a field needs to be entered/corrected/edited to save/submit it

When you enter an event or go to edit an event, if you skip a field (most often the Event Type), and try to submit or save the screen, it will not do anything because data is missing. The problem we are seeing with this is that since there is no e...
Erika Nelson 8 months ago in Alerts 0 Shipped

Block Dates include Space and Site information on Calendar

Blocked Dates currently do not show any information on the Calendar.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Blocked Dates 1 Shipped