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PINNED Create "Schedule View" Dropdown option on Request Pages
Large districts get a ton of events coming in and creating a "Schedule View" will make our request pages not so overwhelming. Instead of showing a row for each individual date/space they simply show one row for the entire schedule.
PINNED Select All Option in Multiple Spaces on One Date
We have buildings that like to book all their spaces for an event. A select all option after clicking view would be a time saver instead of clicking all the space boxes.

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Offer a training site that is not live/public

It would be great if there was a training site that wasn't live/public or generated email to train new staff how to use the system. Allowing staff to practice entering requests (single and reoccuring), approving requests, entering block dates, inv...
Maria Tivoli 16 days ago in  0

New Role/Permission- Edit My Requests

Currently, if users are given the "Edit Requests" permission, they are able to edit ALL requests within the system. If they do not have that permission, they are not able to edit any requests, even their own requests. It would be helpful if a new ...
Guest 5 months ago in User Permissions 0

reoccurring reminder for pending approvals (ex. every 7 days until approved, etc.)

No description provided
Guest 5 months ago in Settings 0

Can you please let site administrators set up the AD server with a DNS option? Then if the school has to change service provider, we do not have to reset the AD filters every time we change the AD server IP address.Thanks

No description provided
Guest 6 months ago in Settings 0

Please remove the group name at the end of the google calendar titles

When items are synced to the Google calendar your system automatically appends the group name at the end of the title. Please allow the option to not do this, thanks!
Guest 6 months ago in Calendar 0

Draft Invoices not viewable by groups

We use draft invoices to group together requests and set date of when invoices are due. Sometimes we need to wait to add added fees after the event has concluded. But groups can see the draft invoices and send payment or send it to themselves. Can...
Maria Tivoli 6 months ago in Invoicing 0

Add View Photos to 1st Page of Request Screen

We have over 1300 spaces across our district, and most of them are just room numbers that don't have much of a description or difference between them. Many users are requesting space at locations that are not their home campus, so they might not k...
Guest 6 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Put evening PTA Meetings approved on ML Schedules ON the schedule!

We can only see after school businesses on our event calendars. We approve PTA meetings on ML Schedules, but the custodian never sees them on his schedule sheets. Can we please add PTA events on our schedules, too?
Guest 6 months ago in Calendar 0

Showing added fee descriptions on Contracts

We like to add estimated staff fees etc. during the approval process so renters receive those estimate fees upon approval in the contracts. However, it only shows the fee type, not the added description we type. It would be great to show the fee t...
Maria Tivoli 6 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Internal Notes

can internal notes also be sent to the additionally notified users of that space/site? It's great to have approvers be notified of staff notes, but additionally notified users should also be notified of the internal notes.
Maria Tivoli 6 months ago in Managing Requests 0