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PINNED Create "Schedule View" Dropdown option on Request Pages
Large districts get a ton of events coming in and creating a "Schedule View" will make our request pages not so overwhelming. Instead of showing a row for each individual date/space they simply show one row for the entire schedule.
PINNED Select All Option in Multiple Spaces on One Date
We have buildings that like to book all their spaces for an event. A select all option after clicking view would be a time saver instead of clicking all the space boxes.

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Assign or be able to limit users to specific groups they can request on behalf of

We need the ability to assign users with request on behalf of permissions to specific groups without making them a manager. I want to all office managers to request on behalf of other district groups and their school's PTA groups, but I do not wan...
Ashlee McHaney 2 months ago in User Permissions 0

This program would be amazing with an APP!!!!

I suggest a mobile app for this program as Indian River has several people who use this on cellphones.
Guest 7 months ago in Schedule Galaxy Integration 0 Future Consideration


Are you working on an App for ML for android or apple?
Guest 8 months ago in  1 Future Consideration

PTA Enrichment Coordinator makes reservations on behalf of vendors

There are many PTA/PTOs that run before and after school programs, working with multiple other groups and companies (vendors). It would be useful for the PTO to be able to submit requests on behalf of the vendors. This would be more fair for the v...
Guest about 1 month ago in Submitting Requests 0 Under Consideration


It would be useful to allow just people within a group to approve on behalf of others within the same group.
Guest 4 months ago in  0 Future Consideration

Highlight changes made to an event when it is edited (email)

When you edit an event and the user group and additionally notified users get an email, there is no clear indication of exactly what change occurred. It would be nice to have the information highlighted so you can tell if it was the date, time, ad...
Sandra Payne 7 months ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

Merge Invoices

Groups often submit separate requests for multiple dates within a season or ongoing event rather than use the option to select multiple dates on one request. Even groups that do use a single request may cancel certain dates and add new requests fo...
Guest 4 months ago in Invoicing 0 Under Consideration

View User Info for Submitted Blocked Dates

When blocked dates are submitted, there is not currently a way to see which user submitted the blocked dates. This would be useful if more information/clarification is needed on these submissions to know who you need to talk to.
Guest 6 months ago in Blocked Dates 0

Square - Payment Integration
Guest about 2 months ago in Payment Integrations 0

Allow admin to emulate other users

Allowing admins to emulate, or login as, other users would allow us to provide better support.
Guest 5 months ago in User Permissions 1 Under Consideration