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Remove "Log-in with Google" button

The Log-in with Google Button creates confusion and a negative experience for our users because all district staff have a google account by default, which the button takes them too. But, since we are using SSO rather than google, they don't have a...
Adam Rosencrantz 6 months ago in UI/UX 0 Under Consideration

To have easier editing options for adding users for 'Field Information'

To have easier editing options for adding users for 'Manage Fields' area So when you add users who need to be notified for under the Manage Field area, if you need to make any changes to a sites user that needs to be removed or changed, it doesn't...
Guest 6 months ago in UI/UX 1 Under Consideration

Storing info while filling request forms

While filling in request forms for facilities, I went back from the 'estimate' page to the first page to amend or add facilities to the same event . When I did that it erased/cleared all event info that was filled on page 2 of the request form and...
Guest over 1 year ago in UI/UX 1 Future Consideration

Change Wording in Filter Options

Using language that is universal for everyone to understand would be helpful in understanding how to filter events. Not everyone is a developer. When searching for dates, do we need a "null" or "greater than or equal to" options? People just want ...
Guest 4 months ago in UI/UX 0 Under Consideration

Event Cost Section Should Pull Invoice Details

An event's cost tab should be reflective of actual cost and pull in the Invoiced amounts. That way contracts and data is accurate/current when you view the event.
Adam Rosencrantz 5 months ago in UI/UX 0

Rearrange order of fields on the request form

It would be very helpful to be able to rearrange the order in which fields appear on the request page. For example, under "Equipment," rearrange the fields so that # of chairs and tables are together, technology-related fields are together, etc. T...
Guest 7 months ago in UI/UX 1 Under Consideration

Group Manager Checkboxes for Management

When updating group managers, it woudl be very helpful to have a check box next to the names and provide a "delete" button for those selected. The number of clicks to delete a manager seems excessive. During our implementation, we are updating and...
Adam Rosencrantz 7 months ago in UI/UX 0 Under Consideration