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The email log on the Group Account should include ALL EMAILS that are sent concerning the Group.

I sent an email to a Group manager using the Group account's NOTE field (hitting save will send this note to the manager). I then checked the email log to see the note. It was not there. After trying several things with no luck to locate it, I sub...
Erika Nelson 10 days ago in Emails 0

Ability to customize the Auto-messages sent out from ML

It would help to be able to add customized info to the email messages that are sent out from ML. Example- when staff receive an email that their event request has been received or approved in ML, I would like to add a note that all tech requests r...
Erika Nelson 3 months ago in Emails 0

Added Notes in a request

It would be helpful when adding notes (whether internal or external) that they appear at the top of the notification email. Most users, and additionally notified users do not see they added notes at the bottom of the email. This would also be help...
Maria Tivoli-Attah 3 months ago in Emails 0

I'd like to view the email history for estimates sent

I can be assured the group user has seen the estimates and know fees shouldn't come as a surprise to them. When I view the event it says "estimate was sent" but I don't have any confirmation of the email address it was sent to and it is not showin...
Guest 3 months ago in Emails 1

Notification - Make a Field Stand Out

For the fields that certain individuals need to pay attention to such as IT, Food or Security, it would be better if there is a way to make that/those question(s) stand out since they receive the whole request. Such as Making the Field bolded, hig...
Guest 2 months ago in Emails 0

Make "Cancellation" Email Red

The cancellation will stand out from the approvals
Deirdre Scarola 9 months ago in Emails 0

District admin user receive an email when users insurance expires mid way through a permit sequence.

On an existing permit when the insurance expires it would be great as a district admin user to receive an email that the insurance is expiring and that the permit still has approved dates on it.
Guest over 1 year ago in Emails 1

I was wondering if there is a way to have an email notification email sent directly to me when there is a conflict of two events using the same space during the same date and time?

This would be a great idea to receive a notification as quickly as possible so to make changes with all involved, prior to the date of the event.
Guest 5 months ago in Emails 0

Add to Google Calendar link in approved request email

Once all of our additionally notify users receive the email with event details. It would be great to have a link at the bottom to "Add to your Google Calendar"
Guest almost 3 years ago in Emails 0

Requesters receive email reminders regarding their own events

It would be helpful if requesters could receive email reminders when their events are upcoming
Guest almost 2 years ago in Emails 1