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Bulk Email Roles

It would be helpful to bulk email based on roles like Building Admins and also a way to bulk email users on an approval path. That way I can easily tell them if any changes have been made to their permissions or if they need to know something else...
Guest 10 months ago in Emails 0

Email Settings "Finalized" Status

It would be incredibly useful to be able to toggle email notifications on/off for "Approval Required" emails when using the "Finalize" functionality. I had 25 events that needed pushed through the approval process today and I couldn't keep the reg...
Guest 10 months ago in Emails 0

Insurance Expiration Email Notification

We would like the ability to customize the Insurance Expiration Email Notification to be more in line with our procedures.
Guest 11 months ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

Notification Email for specific days of the week

I want to be able to alert my custodial manager when events are approved on the weekends because he is responsible for finding coverage on the weekends but he does NOT need to know when weekday events are approved. This would also be useful for ho...
Guest 11 months ago in Emails 1

Adding attachments to the "space approved" email

It would be very helpful to have the ability to add an attachment(s) to the approval email that goes out. Such attachments could include emergency contacts, etc.
Joe Fabrizio 12 months ago in Emails 0

Insurance Reminder Email

We love that the system notifies folks of expiring insurance, but the emails are not descriptive. The recipient doesn't even know who they are referering too. Some of our clients use multiple municipalities, districts, etc. I don't necesarily want...
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 year ago in Emails 1 Under Consideration

Highlight changes made to an event when it is edited (email)

When you edit an event and the user group and additionally notified users get an email, there is no clear indication of exactly what change occurred. It would be nice to have the information highlighted so you can tell if it was the date, time, ad...
Sandra Payne about 1 year ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

The email log on the Group Account should include ALL EMAILS that are sent concerning the Group.

I sent an email to a Group manager using the Group account's NOTE field (hitting save will send this note to the manager). I then checked the email log to see the note. It was not there. After trying several things with no luck to locate it, I sub...
Erika Nelson over 1 year ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

Notification - Make a Field Stand Out

For the fields that certain individuals need to pay attention to such as IT, Food or Security, it would be better if there is a way to make that/those question(s) stand out since they receive the whole request. Such as Making the Field bolded, hig...
Guest over 1 year ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration

Added Notes in a request

It would be helpful when adding notes (whether internal or external) that they appear at the top of the notification email. Most users, and additionally notified users do not see they added notes at the bottom of the email. This would also be help...
Maria Tivoli over 1 year ago in Emails 0 Under Consideration