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Managing Requests

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Primary Group Manager name should appear on the Request Details page when submitting a request on behalf of

Currently, when a request on behalf of is submitted, it's submitted under that Users name. It would make sense if we also had a field that listed the Primary Group Manager name so we know who this Group belongs to.
Guest over 2 years ago in Managing Requests 2

Add approval process to a selected field

For example, if we need security for an event, our security director should need to approve for staffing.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Managing Requests 1

Highlight modified info on event form

When an event is modified and the event info is sent back out to additionally notified, the modified info should either be highlighted or appear in red and at the top of the notice, it should state this. Actually, the modified info should be highl...
Erika Nelson 3 months ago in Managing Requests 1

Schedule ID / Request ID

Can we please remove Request ID number and keep just one number for an entire event schedule? Groups are saying that it is just too much information for one event. All that is needed is 1 number for the entire request. Customers state it is too ov...
Guest 12 months ago in Managing Requests 1 Planned

Add additional space to existing request

It would be valuable to have the option to add an additional space to an already approved event. At this time the only option is to add a second event or delete and add a new event.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Managing Requests 2

Ability to place an Approved Event On Hold

Sometimes we have multiple events which extend the entire year. At any point, I made need to adjust an already approved event and specifically, put it on Hold. I cant do that without sending it back through the approval process. It is usually a pa...
Alice Moriarty almost 3 years ago in Managing Requests 0

Scheduling other Organizations

It would be nice if I (the Main Approver for our School District) would be able to scheduler an event for a user group and instead of my name and information showing on their event, that I would be able to choose their name and contact information...
Guest about 2 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Please consider that the role "approve on behalf of others" can only be approvals for people lower in the approval path.

I understand the role of approving on behave of others to be for sick or vacationing personnel so an approval isn't stalled in an approval path. The limit should be that an individual with this role cannot approve for people after their position i...
Guest 5 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Allow users to edit their submitted requests

There should be an option to allow regular users to edit requests they have submitted without needing access to edit requests for a whole facility/location. If they need to change the date, adjust times, add additional dates, or make notes to a re...
Krystalyn Silva 10 months ago in Managing Requests 3

On request form enter both time of event and time of set-up/tear-down on entry page

I'd like the program to figure out the needed set-up time and tear-down time if I put in times for both. eg: I want to put in set-up time as 9:30 and event start time as 10:00 and then the program knows it is a 30 minute set-up time. As it is now,...
Carolyn Borman almost 2 years ago in Managing Requests 0 Scored