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PINNED Create "Schedule View" Dropdown option on Request Pages
Large districts get a ton of events coming in and creating a "Schedule View" will make our request pages not so overwhelming. Instead of showing a row for each individual date/space they simply show one row for the entire schedule.

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Scheduling other Organizations

It would be nice if I (the Main Approver for our School District) would be able to scheduler an event for a user group and instead of my name and information showing on their event, that I would be able to choose their name and contact information...
Guest about 1 year ago in Managing Requests 1 Under Consideration

Add View Photos to 1st Page of Request Screen

We have over 1300 spaces across our district, and most of them are just room numbers that don't have much of a description or difference between them. Many users are requesting space at locations that are not their home campus, so they might not k...
Guest 2 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Make Minutes to Set up and Minutes to Breakdown a required field

Since we aren't able to have an event start time separate from the setup/take down time, it would be beneficial to our staff to know how long set up and take down the event.
Guest 5 months ago in Managing Requests 0 Future Consideration

Highlight modified info on event form

When an event is modified and the event info is sent back out to additionally notified, the modified info should either be highlighted or appear in red and at the top of the notice, it should state this. Actually, the modified info should be highl...
Erika Nelson about 1 year ago in Managing Requests 1 Under Consideration

Showing added fee descriptions on Contracts

We like to add estimated staff fees etc. during the approval process so renters receive those estimate fees upon approval in the contracts. However, it only shows the fee type, not the added description we type. It would be great to show the fee t...
Maria Tivoli-Attah 3 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Internal Notes

can internal notes also be sent to the additionally notified users of that space/site? It's great to have approvers be notified of staff notes, but additionally notified users should also be notified of the internal notes.
Maria Tivoli-Attah 3 months ago in Managing Requests 0

"External Notes" need to be editable - just like the "Event Notes"

We need to be able to edit saved external notes on requests because it would reduce confusion as the request goes through the approval process. For example, there is a note on each date of a request that says, “ON HOLD.” It’s so confusing now – wo...
Dawn Krueger 11 months ago in Managing Requests 0 Under Consideration

Split view

When I am in the view all pending requests screen to approve events, I often have to leave and view the calendar so that I can see other events scheduled for that day at other buildings. Even though there may not be a conflict for that space and t...
Guest 3 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Please consider that the role "approve on behalf of others" can only be approvals for people lower in the approval path.

I understand the role of approving on behave of others to be for sick or vacationing personnel so an approval isn't stalled in an approval path. The limit should be that an individual with this role cannot approve for people after their position i...
Guest over 1 year ago in Managing Requests 1 Under Consideration

Ability to archive past events in the My Requests page

I wonder if ML Calendars can "archive" past events so that when we check "My Requests" the past events are gone (archived) so that we won't have to scroll down pages to find current events?
Guest 7 months ago in Managing Requests 0