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Ability to request individual times per each date within a single Request that has multiple days (times can vary by date in single request)

It would be great to be able to customize the times of an event by date for a Request that has multiple dates. Staff often ask if this is possible as it would save time. (i.e. requesting a facility site space for Monday @ 9am-1pm, Tuesday @ 11am-2...
Erika Nelson 5 months ago in Submitting Requests 0

Door field with times

Make it so that you can have a field requesting start & end times for doors or other fields like equipment, not just a "notes" area to fill in. Specifically we have doors that unlock for events. We want people to put what times they want the d...
Josh P. 3 months ago in Submitting Requests 0

Draft feature for Submitting Event Requests

Ability to save an event request you start filling out as a draft to enter/submit later. Many times I am working on a request and need to stop and assist a staff member with something in ML. Being unable to save the request as a draft, I lose the ...
Erika Nelson 5 months ago in Submitting Requests 2

Allow administrators to choose public or private when creating a space request on ML

We need more flexibility in allowing certain events to be private... especially during school hours.
Guest 3 months ago in Submitting Requests 0

Ability to create custom messages for specific user groups/ classifications in ML Schedules

I would like to be able to create a custom message pop up for specific Classification groups in ML Schedules. For ex. I want to notify internal/staff only (Classification 1 only) when they are entering a request that they may be charged rental fee...
Erika Nelson 3 months ago in Submitting Requests 0

Add a feature to search available spaces based upon their occupancy # in ML

With the pandemic, now more than ever before, the occupancy of a space is VERY important for events to determine social distancing, etc. It would be a TREMENDOUS help if you could search available spaces based upon the occupancy that is entered in...
Erika Nelson about 1 year ago in Submitting Requests 0

Consider allowing us to find a space by the room capacity

When I am trying to find a meeting space, I frequently need to consider the size of the room. Right now, I have to choose a building and a room to see how many people can fit in that space. You should consider allowing us the option to search by r...
Guest about 1 year ago in Submitting Requests 0

Create customized sections on the request form

Being able to create custom sections (other than Equipment, Personnel, etc.), and have the ability to drag & drop fields to the appropriate section so they're all organized and concise.
Guest 8 months ago in Submitting Requests 0

Staff sign up through ML Schedules to Volunteer to work an event

We have to hire extra staff to open and close facilities, especially on the weekends. Since this is extra work, we would like a feature to allow people to sign up to work certain events through the calendar so that management can track who the ext...
Guest 10 months ago in Submitting Requests 0

Add approvers based on response to a question on form

We would like to see some rules that if yes is answered to a specific question on the form it would take them to another section where additional information is required.
Barb Ritch 11 months ago in Submitting Requests 0