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New Role/Permission- Edit My Requests

Currently, if users are given the "Edit Requests" permission, they are able to edit ALL requests within the system. If they do not have that permission, they are not able to edit any requests, even their own requests. It would be helpful if a new ...
Guest 5 months ago in User Permissions 0

Clever Integration (SSO)

Similar to classlink
Guest 7 months ago in User Permissions 1

Assign or be able to limit users to specific groups they can request on behalf of

We need the ability to assign users with request on behalf of permissions to specific groups without making them a manager. I want to all office managers to request on behalf of other district groups and their school's PTA groups, but I do not wan...
Ashlee McHaney 9 months ago in User Permissions 0

Primary Group Manager Setting

The primary manager of a group should default to emails and invoices for all requests. Currently it defaults to only my requests, which if there is a single user and no one else is part of the group, or no one changes that, then emails do not go o...
Adam Rosencrantz 9 months ago in User Permissions 0 Under Consideration

Allow admin to emulate other users

Allowing admins to emulate, or login as, other users would allow us to provide better support.
Guest 11 months ago in User Permissions 1 Under Consideration

A role or permission preventing editing or cancelation of a Request by the previous Approver once Approved and routed to the next Approver, unless it is an Admin.

Routed Requests are invoiced with information received at the time of review and Approval. Information edited on the Request after Approving and routing can be confusing and impact the Approval process and invoicing of a Request. Canceling or decl...
Guest 12 months ago in User Permissions 0

Additionally Notified Users- Add Filters

It would be helpful to be able to add filters for user roles (specifically users with the Additionally Notified Role) to only receive notifications when events are scheduled at certain hours. This way, when things are added to the schedule during ...
Guest 12 months ago in User Permissions 0

Separate Add Space/Date feature from manage district settings

Currently if you'd like to be able to add spaces and dates to an existing request you need to have the Manage District Settings permission. Instead of having that ability be locked under that setting it should be moved to edit requests permission....
Guest over 1 year ago in User Permissions 0 Planned