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Mass Cancel

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Mass Cancel Reason/Notes

The reason/notes for a mass cancel should show up at the top of the email for users to see right away. Currently it shows all the way at the bottom and most are looking for the reason at the top of the email.
Maria Tivoli-Attah 10 months ago in Mass Cancel 1

Canceled Event Report with Costs

It would be very useful when we mass cancel events to know how much revenue we are losing by doing so. A report with the event date, amount, reason for cancellation, site, group, etc would be very beneficial for budgeting purposes.
Guest about 2 years ago in Mass Cancel 0

Multiple dates for Mass Cancels

With the corona virus we've had to cancel many event on many days but you are only to enter a day at a time. This is very time consuming when you have to do a full month.
Janice Cartagena over 2 years ago in Mass Cancel 1