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Create a page/tab on the User Group account that shows all communication sent through ML to the user group

ML automatically sends emails when COI are set to expire. You can also send emails through the system to notify the group of various things (invoices, notifications, etc). It would be nice to have a page showing the email communications sent out. ...
Erika Nelson 7 months ago in Groups 0 Shipped

Disable required group for users

We use groups as departments and have users request on behalf of the department the event is for. However when users are added they are required to have a group associated to them which then creates too many groups to choose from. Ideally a new gr...
Krystalyn Silva 11 months ago in Groups 0 Shipped

A field on the User profile that identifies the group they manage

Not all Users have an email address that clearly identifies the group they are attached to in Master Library (i.e. Sarah Smith, It would be nice if there was a field on the User profile page that showed the group they ...
Erika Nelson about 1 year ago in Groups 0 Shipped

Prevent new outside groups (certain classifications) from submitting a request for a group without uploading a certificate of insurance.

We would like to require a group, other than an in-house group, to upload a certificate of insurance and enter the expiration date, before they are allowed to finalize and submit their request for the group? They can save what they've entered but ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Groups 0 Shipped

Ability to remove insurance

I also uploaded an insurance form with a significant typo on it. I went to load the corrected copy and struggled to find confirmation that the new copy had uploaded successfully. I also looked for an option to delete the incorrect insurance form b...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Groups 0 Shipped