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New Account Page Set up

It would be great, if as a District admin, we were able to customize and edit the the new account page. For instance, it currently sates the below for group information. GROUP INFORMATION. If you are an internal staff member who will be submitting...
Maria Tivoli over 1 year ago in Groups 1 Shipped

Adding Users to Groups

The process to add a user to a group isn't as easy as I would think it could be. As an admin, if I am editing a group, I shoudl be able to add one or more people from either a list, or drop down, to a group. If they are already in the system, why ...
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 year ago in Groups 0 Shipped

Disable required group for users

We use groups as departments and have users request on behalf of the department the event is for. However when users are added they are required to have a group associated to them which then creates too many groups to choose from. Ideally a new gr...
Krystalyn Silva about 2 years ago in Groups 0 Shipped

Create a page/tab on the User Group account that shows all communication sent through ML to the user group

ML automatically sends emails when COI are set to expire. You can also send emails through the system to notify the group of various things (invoices, notifications, etc). It would be nice to have a page showing the email communications sent out. ...
Erika Nelson almost 2 years ago in Groups 0 Shipped