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Please make the 4:00 a.m. report customizable

We need for the daily 4AM report to show pending requests. It would be FANTASTIC if we could customize the information that we need to see on those reports. For example, I would love to have the custodial fees show up in a report so the head custo...
Dawn Krueger 4 months ago in Reports 2

Export event schedule to Excel format

I'd like to be able to export upcoming events into an excel spreadsheet
Guest 8 months ago in Reports 1

Add Blocked Dates & Calendar Information to the Reports

Currently, only events show up on the Reports. It would be helpful if Blocked Dates & Calendar Information were included on these Reports.
Guest 9 months ago in Reports 2 Scored

Completely Customized Reports

Here is a different idea for reports: Create a new menu item under reports, maybe call it "Custom Reports" and we can save it like "Saved Filters" but call it "Saved Reports". Put all the fields on a template where I can check the box for what fie...
Dawn Krueger 9 months ago in Reports 0

Need a report to isolate groups with expired insurance and their future facilities reservations.

We need a way to run a report that will show events scheduled by groups whose insurance certificate has expired. I have a list of 121 groups whose insurance has expired but there is no way of knowing whether or not they have current facilities res...
Guest 10 months ago in Reports 0 Scored

Add filters to payment dashboard

I need to be able to access more information for reporting. The payment dashboard is limited to what it gives. The Summary Dashboard has the filters I need. Is there a way to add those filters to Payment dashboard?
Guest 5 months ago in Reports 0

Excel Reports should have a separate column for each field

Currently when pulling an excel report the last column is additional information which includes all the other fields that were completed during the request. It would be easier if to read and share if each field had it's own column instead of it al...
Maria Tivoli-Attah 7 months ago in Reports 1

Change from 24 hour time (military time) to 12 hour time (civilian time) on reports

It would be useful to have the times on the reports show up as 12-hour time rather than 24 hour. I print out the excel report and have to edit it extensively, it would help if the 12 hour time showed up. Please separate the date and time into two ...
Dawn Krueger about 1 year ago in Reports 0 Planned

Monthly reports automatically generated and sent out via email

No description provided
Guest about 1 year ago in Reports 0

Organized reports - separate the date and time into separate fields

With the date and time in the same field it will never sort correctly. If sorted by date first, then the sites are out of order. If sorted by site first, then the dates are out of order. Either way, I have to sort in sections on the excel sheet. I...
Dawn Krueger over 1 year ago in Reports 1 Scored