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Invoicing Multiple Spaces

I believe it would be nice to have an option to have dropdown on the invoice to show that costs are included for multiple spaces. Our custodians work the entire event, not just one space usually. It would be good to show on the invoice that this c...
Guest 13 days ago in Invoicing 0 Unlikely to Implement

Invoice Layout

Separate lines on the actual invoice showing setup, breakdown, start and end. Not just blanket hours from the entire reservation.
Guest 13 days ago in Invoicing 0

Managing Application Fee Invoices: create draft invoice or automatically add to first invoice on request

Create a setting to choose to create a draft of the application fee, rather than only automatically email it. I receive so many checks for the $25 app fee that I need a different way to handle them to save time. Not only are the facility users sen...
Dawn Krueger 28 days ago in Invoicing 1 Under Consideration

Make Billing Notifications based on the group's classification and not location requested.

This would help for the few groups that we bill being notified in a timely manner. Also the billing office wouldn't be notified every time a facility is requested (like our high school gym) that doesn't have billing associated for over 85% of the ...
Guest 18 days ago in Invoicing 0 Future Consideration

Invoice Internal Notes

Is it possible to have an internal note section on the invoice itself where I could document any conversations with the group sponsor regarding payment and see those notes when I view the past-due invoice?
Guest 26 days ago in Invoicing 0

Merge Invoices

Groups often submit separate requests for multiple dates within a season or ongoing event rather than use the option to select multiple dates on one request. Even groups that do use a single request may cancel certain dates and add new requests fo...
Guest 3 months ago in Invoicing 0 Under Consideration

Bulk Invoice Creation

When I select events to create a draft invoice, it would be super helpful if, after creating the draft it opened. I am creating these and adding information and charges to them, but it takes me to the draft list and now I have to find it.
Adam Rosencrantz 5 months ago in Invoicing 2 Under Consideration

Ability to run an invoice report broken down by line item per site

They want to be able to view all the charges per site.
Guest about 2 months ago in Invoicing 0 Under Consideration

The Ability to Add discounted charges

It would be helpful to be able to add filters for user roles (specifically users with the Additionally Notified Role) to only receive notifications when events are scheduled at certain hours. This way, when things are added to the schedule during ...
Jonathan Little 4 months ago in Invoicing 0

Add a Credit to Invoices

No description provided
Adam Rosencrantz 5 months ago in Invoicing 0