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Red Conflict !

Please bring back the ! Conflict notice. The little black and white one is very hard to notice when approving requests.
Sandra Payne 7 months ago in Alerts 0 Under Consideration

If an event is declined during the approval process, those who approved the event should be notified

We recently had an internal event pushed through from the top level of the administration. As a result, the chain of approvers within building where the event was being held began to plan the event as soon as they approved it at the space level. B...
Erika Nelson almost 2 years ago in Alerts 0 Planned


I would like to receive emails the day before or day of events scheduled in the library. I am unaware of other teachers/organizations scheduling the space unless I go into the system. I try to print out a weekly schedule, but that does occasionall...
Guest 4 months ago in Alerts 0


We are using the program for various different departments. And getting all the emails from all the departments are a bit overwhelming for the teams. Isn't there a raport that I can pull that say is only for custodians or only for grounds crew? It...
Guest 5 months ago in Alerts 1 Under Consideration