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Multiple Spaces in Calendar View

Need away to easily identify which spaces are being used a multi space event. Currently, only one color is shown and "Multiple Spaces" is in the space field. Would like a rainbow effect on the event for each space and the individual spaces listed ...
Guest 5 days ago in Calendar 0

Do you or are you creating an App of the calendar view for the Manager

I was wondering if you are thinking about creating an app so when I am not at work and I receive a phone call what is going on today, I can check the calendar on the app of my phone for a quick answer.
Guest 19 days ago in Calendar 1

Outdoor event

Can "outdoor event" be added to the options for location (MPR, Cafeteria, Classrooms, etc.)
Guest 3 months ago in Calendar 0

File the calendar year and start a new year fresh (school year is July to July

I would like to be able to (file) this school year as 2021-2022 and start with a fresh MLSchedule for July for the next year. Would like people put in new information, certificates of liability etc. Would like to file this year but be able to see ...
Guest 4 months ago in Calendar 0

ML ical intergration to Google should look the same- one event listing, no matter the number of event locations

Using one-way ical integration from ML to Google calendar should have the same look as the ML calendar. One listing for an event, multiple locations or not. Instead, right now each location for an event get a listing. It is literally CLOGGING up t...
Erika Nelson 8 months ago in Calendar 1

When adding an event with multiple room, could you please separate the rooms once it is added to the calendar?

I use different colors for each room that I have to make viewing easier on the eyes. When I added an event that was taking place in multiple rooms, it only shows as the color of the first room that was selected. It would be great if you would be a...
Guest 8 months ago in Calendar 0

Create optional parameter to Allow users to choose the option of Setup/Breakdown or Event Start/End in public .ASPX calendar.

When using the public facing ical link (aspx) the event times show the Setup/Breakdown by default, but we would like it to show the actual Event Start/End times. If this was an option to choose which to show (Setup/Breakdown or Event Start/End) we...
Guest 11 months ago in Calendar 0 Planned

Separate dates and rooms in Schedule ID for Public Calendar

Ideally the schedule ID would be able to be filtered down by date to sync with our district calendar to show the proper room on the correct date. Such as if multiple rooms are reserved on different dates for a reoccurring event. The date would sho...
Krystalyn Silva 11 months ago in Calendar 0 Scored

Show Actual Event Start and end times on District Calendar

Give the option to only show the actual event start and end times on the public and district calendar without including setup and breakdown times. This can be confusing for the public that is attending the events and could cause them to show up ea...
Krystalyn Silva 11 months ago in Calendar 0

Parent and child event types

No description provided
Andy Emerine 12 months ago in Calendar 0