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ML ical intergration to Google should look the same- one event listing, no matter the number of event locations

Using one-way ical integration from ML to Google calendar should have the same look as the ML calendar. One listing for an event, multiple locations or not. Instead, right now each location for an event get a listing. It is literally CLOGGING up t...
Erika Nelson over 1 year ago in Calendar 1 Under Consideration

Navigation buttons at bottom of page also on calendar page

It would be great if we didn't have to scroll all the back to the top of the page to navigate to the next month or click on an action button. Would it be possible for the navigation buttons to be at the bottom of the page as well - when looking at...
Guest 11 months ago in Calendar 1 Future Consideration

File the calendar year and start a new year fresh (school year is July to July

I would like to be able to (file) this school year as 2021-2022 and start with a fresh MLSchedule for July for the next year. Would like people put in new information, certificates of liability etc. Would like to file this year but be able to see ...
Guest about 1 year ago in Calendar 0 Under Consideration

Create optional parameter to Allow users to choose the option of Setup/Breakdown or Event Start/End in public .ASPX calendar.

When using the public facing ical link (aspx) the event times show the Setup/Breakdown by default, but we would like it to show the actual Event Start/End times. If this was an option to choose which to show (Setup/Breakdown or Event Start/End) we...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Calendar 0 Under Consideration

Add show cancellations in calendar settings as an option

there are multiple users in our district that need to see different features in particular the daytime office staff and principles do not need to see cancellations, however operations, custodians, and evening managers do you need to see what’s can...
Guest 5 months ago in Calendar 0

Internal Calendar Subscribe button

Add the subscribe button to the internal calendar to be added to outlook, google calendar, etc.
Guest 8 months ago in Calendar 0

Calendar navigation

I frequently go back and forth between months and have to scroll back to the top of the page to go to the next month. I understand the navigation buttons (including what month you're on) at the bottom of the page has already been suggested. Also, ...
Guest 9 months ago in Calendar 0

all classrooms button

Create an all-school button for events like Parent-teacher conference and back to school night when the whole school and all classrooms will be used.
Gayle Hannold 9 months ago in Calendar 1 Under Consideration

Do Not Show Block Times On Calendar

Do Not Show Block Times On Calendar. As a school we would like to enter blocked times however, do not want in junking up the calendar. We just want the person not to be able to choose the option when we block it ahead of time.
Guest 9 months ago in Blocked Dates / Calendar 2 Under Consideration

Have a field to select a timeframe (hours) on the calendar

It would be nice to have a time field on the filter on the calendar to be able to select a specific timeframe. Often I only want to look at events that happen after school through the evening in a particular space. I can select the space but there...
Guest 10 months ago in Calendar 0 Under Consideration