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This program would be amazing with an APP!!!!

I suggest a mobile app for this program as Indian River has several people who use this on cellphones.
Guest 3 days ago in Schedule Galaxy Integration 0


Are you working on an App for ML for android or apple?
Guest 7 days ago in  0

Highlight the event in on invoicing page

Please Highlight the Event Information on the invoicing page. Currently the Qty line is highlighted and makes it confusing when creating an invoice. This would make it easier to read.
Guest 7 days ago in Invoicing 0

Allow individual days on recurring event to be invoiced.

I have a group who will submit multiple dates over a month. They need to be invoiced on specific day for their events. Example: one invoice for Thursday and Saturday and a second invoice for Friday and Sunday. Then the same pattern the next week. ...
Guest 7 days ago in Invoicing 0

Add dark mode

Please add a dark mode. This new look and layout is pretty terrible overall and everything being so white and bright is the worst aspect of it.
Guest about 1 month ago in Settings 0

Request Multiple Sites Under Same Reservation

I thought that the software already had the ability to do this, but found out this morning that it does not. There are some cases where people will need to request spaces across multiple sites all for the same reservation, and it would be VERY hel...
Guest 9 days ago in Settings 0

Red Conflict !

Please bring back the ! Conflict notice. The little black and white one is very hard to notice when approving requests.
Sandra Payne 23 days ago in Alerts 0

New Account Page Set up

It would be great, if as a District admin, we were able to customize and edit the the new account page. For instance, it currently sates the below for group information. GROUP INFORMATION. If you are an internal staff member who will be submitting...
Maria Tivoli-Attah about 2 months ago in Groups 1

Make the Today cell in the calendar month view easier to see.

Make the background of the Today cell a darker shade. Or allow us to customize the color/shade of the Today Cell. I have to search at different viewing angles to find today in the Month Calendar on every desktop screen I use.
Guest about 1 month ago in Calendar 0

Increase contrast of alternate grid row shading or allow custom colors.

Please increase the contrast between the background of alternating grid rows of the tables in the Views Menu. Or allow us to customize the contrast of colors or alternate rows.
Guest about 1 month ago in Managing Requests 0 Planned