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Highlight changes made to an event when it is edited (email)

When you edit an event and the user group and additionally notified users get an email, there is no clear indication of exactly what change occurred. It would be nice to have the information highlighted so you can tell if it was the date, time, ad...
Sandra Payne 1 day ago in Emails 0

Group Manager Checkboxes for Management

When updating group managers, it woudl be very helpful to have a check box next to the names and provide a "delete" button for those selected. The number of clicks to delete a manager seems excessive. During our implementation, we are updating and...
Adam Rosencrantz about 15 hours ago in UI/UX 0

Add Group option to "adding calendar information"

Please allow a group to be selected when adding in calendar information or blocked dates. This will allows schools or building to be able to have separate calendar information that is filterable by groups.
Krystalyn Silva 1 day ago in Calendar 0

This program would be amazing with an APP!!!!

I suggest a mobile app for this program as Indian River has several people who use this on cellphones.
Guest 9 days ago in Schedule Galaxy Integration 0

Ability for staff to make edits to their own reservations on the day of the request

Ability for staff to make edits to their own reservations on the day of their request without having to go through an admin. We understand the premise, but the reality is we sometimes have to move rooms around the day of a request or adjust the ti...
Guest 6 days ago in Managing Requests 0


Are you working on an App for ML for android or apple?
Guest 13 days ago in  0

Add dark mode

Please add a dark mode. This new look and layout is pretty terrible overall and everything being so white and bright is the worst aspect of it.
Guest about 2 months ago in Settings 0

Highlight the event in on invoicing page

Please Highlight the Event Information on the invoicing page. Currently the Qty line is highlighted and makes it confusing when creating an invoice. This would make it easier to read.
Guest 13 days ago in Invoicing 0

Allow individual days on recurring event to be invoiced.

I have a group who will submit multiple dates over a month. They need to be invoiced on specific day for their events. Example: one invoice for Thursday and Saturday and a second invoice for Friday and Sunday. Then the same pattern the next week. ...
Guest 13 days ago in Invoicing 0

Request Multiple Sites Under Same Reservation

I thought that the software already had the ability to do this, but found out this morning that it does not. There are some cases where people will need to request spaces across multiple sites all for the same reservation, and it would be VERY hel...
Guest 15 days ago in Settings 0