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Norton support klantenservice nederland

Stelt u uw laptop of smartphone voor het eerst in met een efficiënt antivirussoftwareprogramma? Als uw antwoord ja is, weet u misschien niet hoe u de functies correct moet gebruiken. Maar dat is voor jou geen reden om op te geven. Ons Support team...
Guest 4 days ago in  0

Patriots Night Out an evening for students to enjoy each others company and play games.

Students will pay $5 entrance fee to utilize a variety of events like basketball, bounce houses, dodge ball, dance parties, etc. There will be food and drink provided for an additional cost.
Guest 6 days ago in Submitting Requests 0


It would be useful to allow just people within a group to approve on behalf of others within the same group.
Guest 18 days ago in  0 Future Consideration

Bulk Email Roles

It would be helpful to bulk email based on roles like Building Admins and also a way to bulk email users on an approval path. That way I can easily tell them if any changes have been made to their permissions or if they need to know something else...
Guest 14 days ago in Emails 0

Addition of links in facility reservation set up.

I would like to add a link to a form that our district uses. Can it be added to the "Thank you for your reservation" page?
Guest about 1 month ago in Settings 0

Email Settings "Finalized" Status

It would be incredibly useful to be able to toggle email notifications on/off for "Approval Required" emails when using the "Finalize" functionality. I had 25 events that needed pushed through the approval process today and I couldn't keep the reg...
Guest 18 days ago in Emails 0

Space report

It would be useful to have a way to print out all the spaces within a site per site. That way I can have all the site approvers fill out notes on the spaces so I can easily input the info into MLS or maybe find a way to send a space details form o...
Guest 18 days ago in Reports 0 Under Consideration

Allow admin to emulate other users

Allowing admins to emulate, or login as, other users would allow us to provide better support.
Guest about 1 month ago in User Permissions 1 Under Consideration

Ability to archive past events in the My Requests page

I wonder if ML Calendars can "archive" past events so that when we check "My Requests" the past events are gone (archived) so that we won't have to scroll down pages to find current events?
Guest about 1 month ago in Managing Requests 0

Schedule ID Should be a Column

The fact that each request is assigned a unique schedule ID and then each occurance is assigned a request ID is great. But why isn't Schedule ID a column in the View all Requests screen? I can't even type that number into the search bar and find t...
Adam Rosencrantz about 1 month ago in Managing Requests 0