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Add dark mode

Please add a dark mode. This new look and layout is pretty terrible overall and everything being so white and bright is the worst aspect of it.
Guest 5 days ago in Settings 0

How Do I Come To Know About What Time Does Cash App Direct Deposit Hit?

If you are one of those who are seeking a reliable source to understand What Time Does Cash App Direct Deposit Hit , you have to keep in mind that the entire process takes up to one to two working days. In case of any hassle, you should directly a...
Grace Lewis 2 days ago in Payments 0

Multiple Spaces in Calendar View

Need away to easily identify which spaces are being used a multi space event. Currently, only one color is shown and "Multiple Spaces" is in the space field. Would like a rainbow effect on the event for each space and the individual spaces listed ...
Guest 3 days ago in Calendar 0

grandmaster global

Grandmaster global solutions for the animal production industry adapting the best global nutritional policies. We strive to be the best choice in animal nutrition solutions
grandmaster global 4 days ago in Settings 0

New Account Page Set up

It would be great, if as a District admin, we were able to customize and edit the the new account page. For instance, it currently sates the below for group information. GROUP INFORMATION. If you are an internal staff member who will be submitting...
Maria Tivoli-Attah 12 days ago in Groups 0

The email log on the Group Account should include ALL EMAILS that are sent concerning the Group.

I sent an email to a Group manager using the Group account's NOTE field (hitting save will send this note to the manager). I then checked the email log to see the note. It was not there. After trying several things with no luck to locate it, I sub...
Erika Nelson 9 days ago in Emails 0

Do you or are you creating an App of the calendar view for the Manager

I was wondering if you are thinking about creating an app so when I am not at work and I receive a phone call what is going on today, I can check the calendar on the app of my phone for a quick answer.
Guest 18 days ago in Calendar 1

Scheduling other Organizations

It would be nice if I (the Main Approver for our School District) would be able to scheduler an event for a user group and instead of my name and information showing on their event, that I would be able to choose their name and contact information...
Guest about 2 months ago in Managing Requests 0

Ability to select what required information appears at the bottom of each reservation

We would like to have the ability to create our own required information at the bottom of each reservation and not set by default by ML Schedules. It should be flexible depending on the Category level. So a possibility could be different reservati...
Guest 25 days ago in Managing Requests 0

Ability to customize the Auto-messages sent out from ML

It would help to be able to add customized info to the email messages that are sent out from ML. Example- when staff receive an email that their event request has been received or approved in ML, I would like to add a note that all tech requests r...
Erika Nelson 3 months ago in Emails 0