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Bellen Epson Nederland

Hallo, mijn naam is Mary Howell. Ik woon in Amsterdam en studeer aan de Technische Universiteit van Amsterdam. Ik ben een technisch ingenieur bij de bellen printer. Als je problemen hebt, bezoek dan onze website of bel ons Bellen Epson Nederland .
Mary Howell about 1 hour ago in  0

Square - Payment Integration
Guest 5 days ago in Payment Integrations 0

Automatically Block Space(s) when another space is approved

For example, if the HS Gymnasium is being used, the adjacent Auditorium needs to be blocked.Also some districts will separate gyms into 3 different spaces (Half Gym 1, Half Gym 2, Full Gym). If Full Gym is approved then Half Gym 1 and 2 need to be...
Guest 19 days ago in Blocked Dates 0 Under Consideration

Duplicate a previous request.

No description provided
Guest 13 days ago in Submitting Requests 2 Already Exists

Invoicing Multiple Spaces

I believe it would be nice to have an option to have dropdown on the invoice to show that costs are included for multiple spaces. Our custodians work the entire event, not just one space usually. It would be good to show on the invoice that this c...
Guest 13 days ago in Invoicing 0 Unlikely to Implement

Invoice Layout

Separate lines on the actual invoice showing setup, breakdown, start and end. Not just blanket hours from the entire reservation.
Guest 13 days ago in Invoicing 0

Add show cancellations in calendar settings as an option

there are multiple users in our district that need to see different features in particular the daytime office staff and principles do not need to see cancellations, however operations, custodians, and evening managers do you need to see what’s can...
Guest 25 days ago in Calendar 0

Managing Application Fee Invoices: create draft invoice or automatically add to first invoice on request

Create a setting to choose to create a draft of the application fee, rather than only automatically email it. I receive so many checks for the $25 app fee that I need a different way to handle them to save time. Not only are the facility users sen...
Dawn Krueger 27 days ago in Invoicing 1 Under Consideration

Requestor's Name and Contact Info on Printout

When I print a request it would be helpful if the requestor's name and phone number were also printed on that request.
Guest 28 days ago in Settings 0

Ability to Hide Group Classifications to Users

Currently, users can see and select all classifications. It would be beneficial and less confusing for folks if we, as admin, could hide classifications. Hidden classifications would then only be seen by admin's and any group that might be assigne...
Adam Rosencrantz 14 days ago in Groups 0 Under Consideration